Saturday, July 15, 2006

Improved XGL And Theme Changer For openSUSE 10.1

** You first have to properly install the appropriate proprietary driver for your video card. If you have an ATI card follow my guide here. Nvidia users, try this page to install your driver. **

** If you installed KDE as your default desktop environment, you must make GNOME your default and make sure you use GDM not KDM. **

Compiz And XGL
You need to have Smart installed for this guide. If you don't have it yet, go here.

We need to add QuinnStorm's packages to Smart, in the terminal (all one line):

sudo smart channel --add

Then do a:
sudo smart update
And install Compiz, XGL,and the theme changer (all one line):
sudo smart install cgwd-themes gset-compiz glib2-devel compiz xgl
Then (all one line):
sudo /opt/gnome/bin/gnome-xgl-switch --enable-xgl -accel\ glx:pbuffer\ -accel\ xv:pbuffer

Log out and log back in and XGL should be running.

****If you can't boot back into you GUI type 'sudo gnome-xgl-switch -disable-xgl' then 'sudo reboot'****

Very nice, but ... but there is more. To use Compiz themes type this in the terminal:
cgwd --replace &
Then open the themer press alt+f2 and type:
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If you not want to execute 'cgwd --replace &' avery time you login, open '/opt/gnome/bin/gnome-wm' file, go to line 49(aprox) and replace /usr/bin/gnome-window-decorator with /usr/bin/cgwd . Please be carefully with this small hack.

// Before (line 49):
/usr/bin/gnome-window-decorator --replace &

// Now (line 49):
/usr/bin/cgwd --replace &

To change the behavior of XGL and tweak its options press alt + f2 and type:

SLED Menu:

To install the sled menu first download and install the rpm:

Now to add it to your panel, right-click on the panel 'Add to Panel' and choose 'Main Menu'.

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