Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Top kodi themes for 2015

Installing and testing skins can be really time consuming only to find out that a skin is missing a feature you like, looks awful, or isn't compatible with the current version of kodi. These are my favorite non-confluence ones that work on Isengard. All of these work on Isengard, kodi 15.x.

1. Arctic Zephyr

This is a really clean skin that has a light or dark theme. It runs smoothly and has a nice fullscreen music mode that shows the playlist currently playing.

2. Eminence

This one is lightweight yet extremely functional and fast. It has a minimalistic elegance to it that I like. It is made by the same person that made Arctic Zephyr, jurialmunkey.

3. Hybrid

This one is actually an update to the default theme, confluence. To install it, add this repo http://hybrid-development-repo.googlecode.com/files/xbmc.repo.hybrid-1.0.0.zip


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