Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Firestarter launcher - Fire TV home screen alternative

Launching sideloaded apps on the Fire TV Stick is kind of a pain because you have to go into settings, then applications, the manage applications, then finally launch it. Blah. My favorite solution for this is the Firestarter launcher. It can replace the default Amazon home button's function to launch the Firestarter screen instead of the default one which shows all of your sideloaded apps or doesn't! It's very customizable and clean looking. No need to worry about losing access to your Amazon content either!

1. Download the app

Head over to github.com/sphinx02/FireStarter/releases and download the apk on your computer.

2. Sideload the apk

 I like to use adbFire to do my sideloading, I made a tutorial here if you need it.

3. Launch Firestarter for the first time

On the Fire TV home screen, go down to 'Settings' and then over to 'Applications' and then down to 'Manage Installed Applications'. Find Firestarter and launch it.

Boom! A clean launcher focused on apps. 

4. Configure the settings

By default, Firestarter will be configured to launch at boot or when the home button is pressed but you can change it to any app you want! You can also hide apps that you might just want to run in the background and many other options. Plus it has an integrated updater so you don't have to worry about sideloading it again whenever there is an update. 

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